Because the project is based solely on a hobby, the site does not use any marketing jargon.

CLAN Genealogy is built around FamilytreePainter project published in 2009. FamilytreePainter already had data structure for family data which is based on GEDCOM XML (Beta version 6.0) and ability to read information from GEDCOM files.

Application is based on Java programming language.
At least JRE 1.8 (Java Runtime Environment) should be installed on the target computer.

CLAN Genealogy program is a bit simplified application and is not necessarily containing all possible information but contains basic information of people, marriages and children and is able to create family relations for genealogy purposes.

Program has been tested using 200.000 person material, but in that case you have to use a computer with large memory and quite powerfull processor.

Printout formats

None of printouts are printed directly to printer. Instead they are printed to files of one of the following formats.

  • PDF
  • RTF
  • HTML
Printout types
  • Family tree (PDF)
    • Descendants
    • Ancestors
  • Ancestor table (PDF, RTF, HTML)
  • Descendant table (PDF, RTF, HTML)
  • Relatives (PDF, RTF, HTML)
  • Ancestor chart (PDF)
  • Book (PDF)
  • Timeline (PDF)
    • Descendants
    • Ancestors
  • Customizable application languages
  • Customizable print languages
  • Automatic (raw) translations using translators:
    • Google
    • Yandex
  • Language sharing
  • Shared language installing
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